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Missing Cat Trio Perform at the Avon Gorge Hotel Bristol | South West Wedding Band

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and you want everything to be perfect. From the venue to the catering, from the dress to the flowers, every detail matters. One crucial detail you cannot afford to overlook is the music. A live band can create an unforgettable atmosphere and elevate your wedding reception to the next level. In this blog post, we will introduce you to Missing Cat Trio, a talented and versatile band that recently performed at a stunning wedding held at the Avon Gorge Hotel in Clifton, Bristol. We will describe their performance and highlight the reasons why you should consider booking them for your own wedding.

Bristol and South West Wedding Band - Missing Cat Trio perform at Wedding At Avon Gorge Hotel in Clifton Bristol

The Avon Gorge Hotel is a unique and intimate venue that is popular among couples who want a romantic and picturesque setting for their wedding. The hotel’s terrace boasts breathtaking views of the Clifton Suspension Bridge and the Avon Gorge, and its Grand Ballroom provides a stunning backdrop for the wedding reception. Missing Cat Trio was the perfect choice to provide the musical entertainment for the occasion. The band were dressed to impress, and their energy and enthusiasm were contagious.

One of the highlights of Missing Cat Trio’s performance was their rendition of the Shanty song Wellerman. This traditional ballad, which became an unexpected viral hit on TikTok, inspired countless renditions and remixes. Missing Cat Trio’s version was unique and captivating, with the guitar and the percussion blending perfectly to create a hypnotic rhythm, and the singer’s voice conveying the longing and the melancholy of the lyrics. The guests were enchanted, and many of them sang along and clapped to the beat.

The night did not end with the live band’s performance, as Missing Cat Trio also provided a DJ set that kept the dance floor full. The band’s DJ played a range of music genres, from motown to pop, from rock to disco, and kept the guests entertained and energized. The band’s ability to switch seamlessly from live music to DJing and to read the crowd’s mood and preferences was impressive, and ensured that the guests had a memorable and fun experience.

Couples looking to book a wedding band should consider Missing Cat Trio for several reasons. First, the band’s versatility means that they can cater to different tastes and preferences, and adapt their repertoire to suit the mood and theme of your wedding. Second, the band’s experience and professionalism means that they know how to handle unexpected situations or changes to the schedule, and will always deliver a flawless performance. Third, the band’s communication and commitment to customer service means that they will work closely with you to understand your vision and preferences, and tailor their services and packages accordingly.

Missing Cat Trio offers a range of different packages to suit different budgets and needs. Their basic package includes up to three hours of live music, a DJ set, and a consultation to discuss your music preferences and requirements. Their premium package includes up to four hours of live music, a DJ set, a sound and lighting system, and a personalized playlist curated by you. Their bespoke package allows you to customize every aspect of the music entertainment, from the lineup to the costumes, from the stage setup to the song selection.

Your wedding day should be unforgettable, and the music you choose for your reception is a crucial component of that. Missing Cat Trio is a band that has proven their ability to create an unforgettable atmosphere and to keep the guests entertained and happy. Their recent performance at a wedding held at the Avon Gorge Hotel in Clifton, Bristol, showcased their versatility, talent, and professionalism. We hope this blog post has convinced you to consider booking them for your own wedding, and we wish you all the best for your special day.

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