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Filmed in Naples, Italy May 2024

Book the Beat: International Live Band for Your Destination Wedding


Your Dream International Wedding -  Set to the Perfect Soundtrack


Imagine the moment you walk down the aisle, not just to the love of your life waiting at the end but serenaded by the most enchanting acoustic music. Picture your guests, captivated by a blend of melodies during the wedding breakfast, setting the tone for a day they'll never forget. Envision the energy as our live band sets the dance floor alight, ensuring every moment from sunset to stars is filled with joy, laughter, and dance. With the Missing Cat Trio Wedding Band, all of this isn’t just possible — it's a promise.

A Symphony of Services for your International Wedding - All Wrapped in One


Acoustic Elegance: Our package begins with the soft, acoustic sessions that beautifully backdrop the pre-wedding meal or wedding breakfast. It’s a gentle beckoning of what’s to come, setting a serene stage for your special day.

Aisle Perfection: The acoustic music gracefully enveloping the air as the bride walks down the aisle isn't just music - it's a soundtrack to one of life's most memorable moments. Every note, precisely played to underscore the profound beauty of your commitment.

Evening Extravaganza:


When it's time to celebrate, the Missing Cat Trio transforms into a high-energy live band, delivering party sets that guarantee your guests will be up and dancing throughout the evening. From timeless classics to contemporary hits, our repertoire is designed to entertain guests of all ages.

DJ & Saxophone Party Packages: The entertainment doesn't stop with the band. Our DJ and saxophone party packages ensure that the rhythm never misses a beat, turning your International Wedding into an unforgettable festival of love and music.

An International Experience - Without the Hassle

Wherever your dream wedding takes you, the Missing Cat Trio is ready to accompany you. Having enchanted audiences across France and Italy, from the glittering coasts of Cannes to the historic streets of Sicily and Naples, our music knows no borders.

All-in-One Pricing: Understanding the complexities of planning an International Wedding, we’ve designed our package to include everything - travel, accommodation, and equipment hire. This means no hidden costs, no unexpected charges, just seamless, harmonious service.

A Choice That Echoes


Choosing the Missing Cat Trio means entrusting your day to musicians who understand the power of a moment, the importance of a note, and the indelible mark of a memory made through music. Our complete package isn’t just about providing music; it’s about fostering an atmosphere that elevates your International Wedding into a once-in-a-lifetime celebration.

Your Abroad Wedding deserves a soundtrack as unique and extraordinary as your love story. With the Missing Cat Trio, every chord strikes a heart, every melody paints a picture, and every beat heralds a lifetime of happiness.

To bring the Missing Cat Trio to your Destination Wedding, wherever in the world it may be, reach out to us. Together, we’ll turn your wedding dreams into reality, note by note, song by song, memory by everlasting memory.


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