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Social media post of Missing Cat Trio first dance over 200,000 views

Social media is going wild over the first dance Performed last year by Missing Cat Trio.

Since the video was posted last month and its has currently been viewed over 200,000 times and is constantly growing.

newlyweds having their first dance
Wedding Couple First Dance
Social media post exceeds 200,000 views
Social Media post exceeds 200,000 views

Preparing for this weekends first dances...

Performing a first dance isn't something that happens overnight. Missing Cat Trio work tirelessly to ensure that your first dance is perfect and exceeds your expectations.

Some wedding bands put little to no effort in learning a bride and grooms first dance, sometimes even choosing to not perform one at all and play an mp3 version.

Sometimes their is the rare occasion where no matter who the band is, some songs can't be replicated live and the original is the best option.

We just finished rehearsing and creating our own cover of 'There Will Be Time', by the English folk band Mumford & Sons, Gabba Maal.

Missing Cat Trio rehearsing First Dance
Rehearsing a first dance

What is the first dance at a wedding?

The first time the bride and groom dances together is known as the first dance. This dance is an anticipated event and a pre selected song is played by either a wedding band or a DJ while friends and family look on.

Once this dance has commenced the dance floor is open to guests.

The first dance usually features just the bride and groom although they may ask guests to join the mon the dance floor at a suitable time.

When is the First Dance?

Typically it commences at the beginning of the evening, but we advise to do what is best for you and what you feel is right for your wedding. The first dance usually starts the evening reception which then hands over to the band to start performing.

Bride and Groom enjoy First Dance
First Dance

What is the typical dance for a First Dance at a wedding?

A 'traditional' First Dance usually involves a slow style, but more increasingly couples are choosing s style that suits their personality. We have had a variety of different styles of music for the couples First Dance.

Enjoy it!

The main objective for your special day is to enjoy it. Don't get to worried about hours of rehearsal for your for dance. This amount of preparation will surely add unwanted pressure. The main thing is you are with your loved ones and your creating a memory that will last a lifetime.


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