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The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Dream Marquee Wedding

Marquee weddings have a unique charm and allure that continue to captivate the hearts of many couples. There's something incredibly romantic about creating your very own venue from scratch in an outdoor setting, be it a family home's sprawling garden or a chosen site with breathtaking views. And while the flexibility and customisation options are endless, organising a marquee wedding comes with its set of challenges and considerations.

picture of a marquee

Recently, we had the pleasure of bringing the musical ambiance to a marquee wedding in Wells, Somerset, where Missing Cat Trio provided an eclectic mix of acoustic sets for the drinks reception, live band performances for the evening entertainment, and a DJ & Sax Ibiza set to end the night on a high note. Drawing from this experience, we've compiled essential tips to help you plan your marquee wedding seamlessly, ensuring your day is nothing short of magical.

Choosing the Right Marquee

The type of marquee you select sets the tone for your wedding. Traditional pole marquees offer a classic, romantic vibe, while clear-span structures provide a modern, blank canvas to work with. Consider the time of year, the expected weather, and the aesthetic you're aiming for when making your choice.

Location is Key

The beauty of a marquee wedding lies in its versatility. Whether it's on a family estate, a beach, or any significant location, ensure the ground is level, accessible for guests, and suitable for the marquee's installation. Don't forget to check if you need any permits for your chosen site.

Weatherproofing Your Wedding

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The unpredictable nature of weather means having contingency plans is crucial. Ensure your marquee is equipped with sides that can be easily added or removed, and consider heating or cooling options to keep your guests comfortable regardless of the weather.

Facilities and Logistics

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Marquee weddings often require you to bring in everything from generators for power to portable toilets for guests. Work closely with your marquee provider to understand the logistics involved and ensure all bases are covered, from lighting to kitchen facilities for caterers.

Styling Your Space

wedding marquee decor

One of the joys of a marquee wedding is the opportunity to design every aspect of your venue. Lighting plays a pivotal role in creating ambiance; fairy lights, chandeliers, or bespoke installations can transform your space. Similarly, consider flooring options that match your theme and ensure guest comfort.

Planning for Sound

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The acoustics in a marquee can differ significantly from traditional venues. When thinking about entertainment, choosing the right live wedding band that has experience performing in such unique environments is crucial. This brings us to an essential element of your marquee wedding - the music and entertainment.

Why Choose Missing Cat Trio for Your Marquee Wedding?

Music and live entertainment are the heartbeats of any wedding, setting the tone and creating unforgettable moments. At Missing Cat Trio, we understand the nuances of performing at marquee weddings, ensuring our music perfectly complements the ambiance and acoustics of your outdoor venue.

Our diverse offerings include serene acoustic sets for your drinks reception, allowing guests to mingle and enjoy the beginning of your celebration with a beautiful musical backdrop. As the night progresses, our live band takes the stage, offering a vibrant and energetic performance that promises to get everyone on their feet. And for those looking to end their special day with a truly memorable experience, our DJ & Sax Ibiza set brings the spirit of the White Isle to your wedding, ensuring your celebration ends on an exhilarating note.

Wedding Band Missing Cat Trio

Choosing Missing Cat Trio means opting for versatility and excellence. Our various packages cater to different parts of your wedding day, from ceremony music that captures the emotion of your vows, to a full evening of entertainment that keeps the party going. Our DJ & Sax option adds an unbelievable touch to your event, blending live saxophone melodies with DJ beats for a unique and unforgettable dance floor experience.

In conclusion, planning a marquee wedding allows you to create a personalised and intimate setting that reflects your love story. By considering the key elements outlined above and selecting the right partners, such as a live wedding band experienced in outdoor and marquee performances, your dream wedding will come to life in the most beautiful way possible. With Missing Cat Trio, your marquee wedding will not only be a celebration of your union but an unforgettable musical experience that resonates with you and your guests long after the last note has played.


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